Question from rasostar

Asked: 2 years ago

Chapter 2 - Floor bug - Has anyone found a new solution?

Greetings! I've seen that I'm not the only one having this problem: "Lucius is stuck on the floor in the living room of the second floor" . It was also found a solution - Turning the graphics to minimum, resolution to 640x480 and run on windowed, restart the game and replaying chapter 1... I did that several times, nothing happened..
Reinstalled the game... and still... nothing happened...

Once, I started "on" the the floor, not "in", it was in the library, still. It is impossible to complete the chapter via library. If anyone has found a solution or has any idea on how to solve it, please... tell me..

Thank you for the attention.

Accepted Answer

From: Grawl 2 years ago

There's a patch out that should fix this problem.

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