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What features use Direct X11?

So my graphics card has some problem with directx11 where it basically spazzes out and I see tons of glitches. I've seen it in games including Dragon age 2, Deus Ex, and Sleeping Dogs. Normally in these situations I just shut off the Direct X11 features and I'm able to play normally. I tried to do this with Bioshock, but im still seeing glitches. Are there any graphics options that use DX11 but do not say it in the description? Or anything I should shut off in the config folder that will stop the game from using DX11 features?

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Davo1234567891 answered:

Dynamic Shadows - Very high and Ultra use dx11
Post Processing - Alternate uses dx 11 (leave on "normal" setting)
Ambient Occlusion - high and ultra use dx 11

As long as you leave the above settings turned down or off you shouldn't have any issues.
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