Question from Tarek_na

Asked: 1 year ago

Save data corrupted ? how can i fix it

so i finished the game on like every mode SOS DMD almost finished Heaven or hell have collected every soul and finished all the secret missions but i used A trainer on vergil on DMD cause he was so freaking hard and i didnt have any items i guess it's the reason that got the save corrupted because i used some gold orbs and when i used them i had like 9/3 gold orbs since i had infinite items cheat on and the game still loaded perfectly but suddenly it got corrupted please can u give me a similar save with hevean and hell mode not finished or a way to fix my save i'm desperate :(

Additional details - 1 year ago

Yeah its the trainer i used it only once and damn i regret it one last question where is the save location for the game i tried looking for it but i didnt find it

Accepted Answer

From: konkor 1 year ago

I'm sorry to say this but once a save is corrupted it's usually for good. It could be that you used a trainer that corrupted the save, they usually don't do anything bad to your games/saves but there are random times they will corrupt. You're either going to have to start again or wait a few weeks for someone to start uploading saves.

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You should have created a backup first.

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