• Decks and Tables

    Winning a tournament in Poker Night will usually unlock a new table to be used in-game (except for every third win, which unlocks a new deck). Some tables add certain effects to the game as well, which will be listed here.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Automata Table (Makes game black and white)Win 5 tournaments
    BLU Team TableWin 11 tournaments
    Freelance Police TableWin 19 tournaments
    Fruit Friend TableWin 8 tournaments
    Grickle DeckWin 18 tournaments
    Homestar Runner DeckWin 6 tournaments
    Max & Crossbones Table (Makes Max a skeleton)Win 17 tournaments
    Max Imp TableWin 1 tournament
    Penny Arcade DeckWin 12 tournaments
    Poker Night Alt. DeckWin 21 tournaments
    Poker Night DeckWin 15 tournaments
    RED Team Table (Makes Heavy wear Dealer's Visor)Win 7 tournaments
    Sam & Max DeckWin 9 tournaments
    Strong Badia TableWin 13 tournaments
    Team Fortress 2 DeckWin 3 tournaments
    Team Fortress 2 TableWin 14 tournaments
    Telltale Games TableWin 4 tournaments
    Telltale Shield Table (All table effects)Win 20 tournaments
    Trogdor TableWin 2 tournaments
    Twisp & Catsby TableWin 16 tournaments
    Videlectrix Table (Makes Strong Bad 32-bit)Win 10 tournaments

    Contributed By: PsychoKirby.

  • Unlockable Team Fortress 2 Items

    In the games sometimes opponents will use collateral instead of money to buy in to a hand. When this happens, if you eliminate that player then you will receive the item for use in Team Fortress 2. The items will appear in your inventory in both "Poker Night at the Inventory" and "Team Fortress 2"

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Dangeresque, too?Eliminate Strongbad from play
    The Enthusiast's TimepieceEliminate Tycho from play
    The Iron CurtainEliminate The Heavy from play
    The Lugermorph and The Liscence to MaimEliminate Max from play

    Contributed By: drprimemaster3009.


  • Steam Achievements

    Down to the GreenWin consecutive all-ins.
    FlushWin a hand with a Flush.
    Four of a KindWin a hand with Four of a Kind.
    Full HouseWin a hand with a Full House.
    Kicker TroubleWin a showdown where you and the opponent have same hand (pair or better) and you have a better kicker.
    Rags to RichesWin a showdown with just a high card.
    RushingWin three straight pots.
    Slow PlayCheck a pat hand.
    Special Item: MaxKnock out Max after he's bought in with his special item.
    Special Item: Strong BadKnock out Strong Bad after he's bought in with his special item.
    Special Item: The HeavyKnock out The Heavy after he's bought in with his special item.
    Special Item: TychoKnock out Tycho after he's bought in with his special item.
    StraightWin a hand with a Straight.
    Straight FlushWin a hand with a Straight Flush.
    Summer of '69Win a hand with a 6 card and a 9 card of any suit.
    Three Wise MenWin a hand when you have three of a kind comprised of three kings (of any suit).
    Triple ThroughWin a pot with two or more opponents when you are all in.
    Win A GameWin a full game.
    Win A Game, HardWin a game on hard.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.

Enemy/Boss Tips

  • AI Exploit

    When you are in a one-on-one situation, there is a really easy way to almost always win a hand. If you have the small blind, and call, then the opponent raises, if you raise as well, then the opponent will almost always fold. This might not work as well against Max though.

    Contributed By: Dwedit.

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