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What is gold used for?

I made a gold pickaxe and it does not work good. Is gold useful for anything?

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minecraft answered:

At the moment it is essentially useless. Unless you like to be extravagant and make buildings of it.
Although a full suit of gold armour and weapons looks pretty awesome, however not very good.
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Veovis_Muaddib answered:

Gold tools/weapons are equivalent in strength to wood. Gold Armor is slightly better than leather, but far worse than iron. This makes sense because in real life, gold is the softest metal there is. (If I recall correctly, though I am not a geologist.)

In SMP, (Survival Multiplayer) you could use gold as a currency, more so if Notch adds coins at a later date. (I'm really hoping so.)

About the only thing gold is good for in single player is to make houses and such.
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iamthepkmmaster answered:

Gold, if you can get 72 bars of it and make them into blocks and have an apple, it will make a golden apple which fully heals you!
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ColGryFox answered:

As stated above, gold is equal to wood in the tools and weapons department, and only slightly better than wood in armor. You can combine 9 gold together to make a gold block, which you can place. The only big item it is used for currently is the golden apple which is 8 gold blocks and one apple (gained from a dungeon chest) which full heals you. Hopefully with the newly announced Halloween update will contain some use for it.
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Gleem11 answered:

Notch has stated that it currently has no practical use, but at a later date will be used to enhance magic. Obviously this will occur after he's implemented magic.
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