Question from Exolamb102

Asked: 4 years ago

Can I transfer Minecraft Alpha to a different computer?

So I bought Alpha on my computer, but it's really laggy so I was hoping I could play it on a more powerful computer without having to buy it again. Is this possible?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks for all the answers. No, I don't need to transfer any worlds over. So by signing in to my Minecraft account on any computer, I can play Alpha, correct?

Accepted Answer

From: shady024 4 years ago

Yes once you have purchased Minecraft you are free to play it on any and as many computers as you want there is no DRM or anything like that associated with the game.

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Do you have any saved worlds you wish to carry over as well?

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Yes but it will not keep your worlds with the game.

You need to find your .minecraft folder...
Start menu>>Run>>type in: %APPDATA%
It should be in that folder if you have already run the game once
copy that onto a flash drive or something and voila! you now have your worlds!
Hope this helps


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