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Minecart track ramps?

Is it possible to make a mine cart track ramp that isn't as steep as a 45 degree angle?

DuneManta asked for clarification:

Why do you need them to be less than 45 degrees? Depending on why you need it like this, I can recommend a few soloutions to fix this in another way.

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nogard21 answered:

No it is not possable due to the way the game is with the block and everything but you can try using half steps which are made by taking 3 cobbelstone blocks and placeing then next to each other horrizontally in the crafting bench.
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kasatonov answered:

Why?? and not that i know of...
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zephiery answered:

No. Though if you are trying to get up a steep hill using a powered minecart it is best to put a flat piece of rail between every few spots. This will make it easier on the powered cart. If your problem is with getting up a hill, I recomend looking up "minecart boosters" on youtube as they easily allow a cart to go up a hundred block ramp and can be used in sequence. If this is mearly for asthetics than there is currently nothing that can be done.
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