Question from Greenblob51

If Im playing in browser, can I still use mods?

Like having custom skins, or an texture packs and stuff?

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Sparksol answered:

Skins and textures, sure, as long as you play from one computer. You'd have to reload them again if you play on a different one though.

As to other mods, ones that change the game, like the bridge blocks or different types of arrows, then no.
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kasatonov answered:

Yes, but if you want to be able to keep your skins from non-browser play and use them in browser play you need to use the same computer.

Hope this helps
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PrattDaBard answered:

Update, in case anyone else reads this. Texture pack handling is now built into the game. The main menu features a Mods & Texture Packs button, which in turn has a button that will open the appropriate texture pack folder on the host system. All that's needed to install a texture pack is to place a compressed pack in that folder, then load it using the game client. No more hunting for the minecraft folder, no more unpacking/repacking minecraft.jar. Download, drop the file in the folder, play.
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TStodden answered:

I'll break this into 2 answers...

1) Your Custom Character Skin will follow with the in-browser client -- Your character skin is stored server-side, so you'll use it whenever you connect online.

2) Texture Packs & mods won't work with the in-browser client -- The main reason is that the game files are stored in your browser's cache (or Java's cache) & will be deleted sometime after you're done playing.

However, if you want to use Texture Packs & mods without getting locked into a computer, I suggest using Minecraft Portable ( at -- Windows ONLY). While this is an unofficial release, it stores all of Minecraft's client files onto a USB thumbdrive (stored at ~/Minecraft Portable/data/...) & can be modified as desired. The only changes done with this portable version is that the file storage is rerouted to use a thumbdrive instead of your computer's hard drive.
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