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The dungeon sound even above ground?

Are those creepy sounds that happen deep down really supposed to mean that a dungeon is around? Sometimes at night I'll be above ground, walking around and I hear that spooky sound. I'll dig all around near the source of the sound that I may find a room with treasures abound... but this room underground is yet to be found...

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voiceofvoiceles answered:

I think the sounds can happen anywhere there is enough unlit area for monsters to spawn.
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DragonboyBDC answered:

I'm pretty sure it depends if you are lower than the sea level or not
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Kosba_2142 answered:

Nope basically if there is a 3x3x3 room nearby thats completely dark, it plays that sound, granted this is more likely with dungeons since they are guarantee-ably more than 3x3x3
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DJRster answered:

If its a night and it not lit around, a monster may of spawned nearby so it is your best interest to go inside,
If you also hear the sounds at day, that means it is a dungeon for sure because thats the only way they could of spawned (If your near the sea and hear noises during the day, check the water, if their on in the water they can't catch on fire and can't die.
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