Question from deatht200

About the Appletloader?

I am wanting to get into minecraft. I am trying the free version, but before it launches, I am getting a "required download. It is called
My question is
Is this a virus? Is it something I need to download, or am I doing something wrong.?

deatht200 provided additional details:

I did update the java. NOWHERE in the thing does the word "java" appear.

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gamemaster727 answered:

The applet loader is not a virus, it is just downloading the most recent version or checking if it is the most recent then loads the game into java.
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wilco64256 answered:

Probably just means you need to update Java on your computer.
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VTMAN answered:

I did the "In Browser" trial version and it still asked for a download. It really isn't downloading. Its just loading.
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