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How much is Minecraft for the full game?

In US money (Not EUR)

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TStodden answered:

Unfortunately, as the game is priced in Euros, it's going to be difficult to give an accurate price...

The "Official" Release version is priced at 20 Euros...

According to information available at (a noted site for exchange rates, which gives you the rate @ the moment), the average rate (from the past 2 years) is 1 Euro = ~$1.30 US... The exchange spread being between $1.20 & $1.50 US per Euro.

So here's the best estimate I can give you...

* Best Price (est.): ~ $24.00 US (@ $1.20 / 1 Euro)

* Average Price (est.): ~$26.00 US (@ $1.30 / 1 Euro)

* Worst Price (est.): ~$30.00 US (@ $1.50 / 1 Euro)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices listed are ESTIMATES ONLY for the Official Release version! You can get a discount if you buy early.

Alpha Price (Expired on Dec. 20, 2010): 10 Euros (~$13.55 US @ time it expired)

Beta Price (Current price): 15 Euros (~$19.36 US @ time of post)

Final Price (TBD): 20 Euros (~$25.81 US @ time of post)

Hope this helps!
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ninja10130 answered:

13.56 Dollars
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deatht200 answered:

Its10 pounds, which roughly translates to 15.602 dollars
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DaveThing answered:

The exchange rate for Euros to US dollars changes quite often. The easiest way to find out what the exchange is at any given time is to do a Google search for "euro to dollar".
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SNAGRAT_LIE answered:

Its about 13.56 dollars in the alpha which is untill december 20th after that its around 20$.
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Empirarte answered:

As of right as I typed this answer it was....

19.69 dollars

It just went up in price because of Beta yesterday.
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Kiribbs answered:

The price for Beta is 15 Euros. Depending on the exchange rate at the time you buy, the price my vary, (i.e. my brother got it for about 50 cents less then I) but it should be around $20.

The final game price will be around $27.
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TigerHunter25 answered:

It costs $20
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