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I lost a full stack o' iron and 3 diamond picks in lava... Any help? Or lost cause?

I was exploring this incredibly large cave that i stumbled on a couple days ago today. I had finally reached every corridor of the cave, and once i reached as far as it went, I found buckets of iron, bloodstone, and 9 diamond ores, which, being the excited lad I was at the time, decided to immediately place my workbench i had on hand, and fix those into pickaxes. Soon as that was done I figured, "why not clear myself up some space in here and close up these water fountains?" ..... Here's where I go nuts. I also found obsidian lying underneath the water flow to which i immediately pull up a wiki page just to be careful. Call me crazy... I KNEW there was lava underneath. Let me just tell you, I was on peaceful at the moment, so I knew if I had fallen into lava for any reason, my health wold regenerate at the same pace as getting burned... I couldn't figure out how to get the obsidian without it falling in the lava however... So i, smartly, figured "Oh, why dont I just stand on top, and dig down... when I hit lava ill pop out and regenerate my health"
-_-....... obviously that wasn't my brightest idea.... Let's just say stone doesnt make the best pickaxe....
Any way to get my sh*t back, or am I a lost cause???
Also, tell me what you've lost from lava...

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Its a lost cause if anything touches lava it burns up.
I've lost 4 diamond picks, 3 diamond shovels, 3 iron picks, 3 iron shovels, a complete set of diamond armor, 2 full stacks of redstone, 37 obsidian. that was all in one death. If you die and the items land on a block, you have about 5 minutes to get to them before they despawn.
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