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Where can I find wheat and apples?

(See question above.)

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Chelseaman9 answered:

You can only find apples in dungeons, in the chests but it's still quite rare to find them.

You can get wheat seeds by tilling grass and there's a small chance that a seed will appear. The only other way you can find wheat is from chests in dungeons.
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DeathStarDude answered:

Apples are found inside dungeons.

Wheat is either found inside dungeon chests, or you can make it. First, craft a hoe and then right click on dirt until you have enough seeds. Right click on the area you want to plant with the hoe, then right click on that space with the seeds. If the farmland is close to water, the soil will turn dark and the seeds will grow faster. Once the plants are yellowish with no green tips, you can harvest them for wheat.

To avoid trampling your crops, hold down the Shift key while walking over them.
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jajer13 answered:

Actually, the crops will not grow if there is no water within 4 blocks of the tilled soil. More info at
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LoZKing answered:

Jajer, if you're gonna quote minepedia, it helps to actually be consistent with what minepedia says.
"Seeds planted on dry farmland will still grow, but not as quickly."
Says it right there.
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