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what do I do with the music discs?

I found a mob spawner in the beta and in a chest beside it was a music disc. I don't know what to do with it

salamancerider provided additional details:

I forgot to mention that I found a saddle there to. What does that do?

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salamancerider answered:

never mind I died in lava so I lost everything (including 100 coal, 6 diamonds and 64 iron) in a cave
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DeathStarDude answered:

You put it in a Jukebox. To make a jukebox, put a diamond in the middle of a 3x3 crafting table, then surround it by wood. Place the jukebox, then right click the jukebox with the record you found.
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bubblecube answered:

yes deathstardude is right but my advice is to be careful with jukeboxes once I had a record in the jukebox playing and I quit playing then the record disappeared . the saddle can be put on pigs by holding it and right clicking you can then ride on the pig but the pig is uncontrollable and the saddle cant be taken off - if you put it on a pig its gone
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