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Multiplayer Server?

Im trying to play multiplayer, but then it says u need to put in an IP of the server. How do u make a server? I just wanna play multiplayer! >< and btw, (optional and sort of unknown) y do people do griefing on multiplayer? do they even think its fun to get banned?

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OH BTW, im playing beta just to let u no

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How do I find a server though? I cant c any... srry if this is getting a bit troublin :/

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I also noticed that the website for making a server was by clicking on multiplayer CLASSIC. Is it for Beta too? if not, can u get me a video on how to make a Beta Server?

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Thanks alot guys/gals!

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AnimeStars answered:

Basically I'm going to be saying the same thing Cyrus Maragrave said: You don't need to make your own server to be able to play on multiplayer, though some people might take that option if they want to play with specific people instead of strangers. - This is the link to the offical forums that was refered to in the other answers.

Once on this site scroll down a little bit and find the "Beta- Survival Servers" section/topic, click on this link and you'll be in a section with pages (at the time of this writing, 51pages) of threads/topics on different servers. Some of these servers might not be active anymore, especially some of the older ones. As TheBionicRock said, some of these servers require you to post on that topic thread to add you to their "whitelist" (a list of accepted players on the server) before going onto the server.

There are two types of Survival Multiplayer Servers (SMP) from what I've seen. The first is the typical "survival server"- a multiplayer version of single player, and the way the game has been usually played. The other type of SMP server is a building server, which as the name implies, deals with building and destroying things. (On the server that I play on, we usually make buildings and occasionaly video game sprites) I find that it's easier to read the description of the server first and even seeing if you can visit it before adding yourself to a whitelist/attempting to recieve building permissions/privliges.

To answer your second question: People grief and troll simply to draw attention to themselves, while others seem to think that it's fun annoying people. That's really the main reason I can think of.

Hopefully this helps you (and possibly others) out a little bit! ~AnimeStars
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MC_BatCommander answered:

You don't have to create a server to play multiplayer, just find a server on the official Minecraft forums and use their IP to join.

Also: people grief for the same reason people troll, just to do it.
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somrandomguy86 answered:

If you want to create a Minecraft server, here's a tutorial I used to make mine
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MogLord answered:

You can make a Private Server by downloading the Server file from the official website, and then edit the server properties if you want to. Note that I think that you'll need LogMeIn Hamachi for a Private Server.

You can find Public Servers on thw website too, I think..
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