Question from RedVirus68

?The computer i'm using won't let me play the game!

Whenever I try to play Minecraft on the browser it tells me that windows blocked it because the publisher is unknown or something like that. The computer is an HP I think and I think it uses windows 7. Not sure. Can anyone help me?

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RDRplayer answered:

Well its either pressing ok or control-clicking the page, or simply downloading minecraft
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minjonator1234 answered:

press ok. It worked for me
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somrandomguy86 answered:

Allow Minecraft to run.
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Lochar answered:

Right click the executable, go to properties. Should be three checkboxes, one of which says downloaded from the internet or something like that. Uncheck that one and it'll unblock it.
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belacekstran answered:

Okay if you Bought the game and the Download isn't working then use the In Browser version of the game. It is the exact same yet it might lag if your internet is slow. Even so it should work smoothly after about 5 minutes in game.
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victor1221 answered:

Download the game.
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