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Asked: 4 years ago


If I buy the game now, then buy updates later, will it still cost less overall than buying the entire thing once the final version is out?

Also, how much do updates cost?

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From: Ishkabbiles 4 years ago

Yes, if you buy the game now before the final version is released, it will be cheaper than buying when the final game comes out.

Updates are free with purchase of Minecraft.

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The price for the game right now is 9 euros-about 13 USD, and updates are automatically added, but if you wait, it will be about 20 euros, or about 27 USD

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if you want the game buy now its 25% off till its complet and also updates are FREE FOR LIFE, you never need to pay for them the only thing you need to pay for any updates is your internet bill(you need the internet to get updates off the internet)

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During the Beta stage, Minecraft is 14.95 euros. You will get free updates for the Beta, but once the game is complete, you will have to buy the game again.


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