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My Stuff?

So I died and was wondering what happens to all my things? The stuff I built the stuff I had on me or in my chest.

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Ishkabbiles answered:

When you die, all the items you are carrying drop right around the area where you died and you can go and retrieve them within five minutes or so. The items you stored in a chest will stay there and are nice and safe, and the things you have built are still on the map even if you died. However, mind those creepers by built structures!
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poisontoxic answered:

when you die, all your stuff ur carrying will drop. You can pick it up by going back to where you died. It will disappear in 5 min. Your stuff in a chest is safe. when you die. You will spawn at your spawn point. You cant change your spawn point. Just find the chest and ur good to go!
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jeff4211 answered:

You can tried this mod for your minecraft if you are worried that you are unable to pick them up in less than 5mins..
info is
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DarkGam3r answered:

Ok, heres what happens to your stuff when you die:
1. You "explode" and all your stuff is scattered around the place where you die.
2. Just like any item, it can flow with water and be burned in lava.
3. If it's on the ground, then you have a good chance of getting it.
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