Question from Chuchkill27

Asked: 4 years ago

Why does the game keep telling me Uknown host?

I'm trying to play multiplayer and every public server i go to says "unknown host." how can i play?

Additional details - 4 years ago

well im taking an IP right of the forum

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From: DL_C 3 years ago

Make sure to manually type in the IP for the server. Yes, it sounds stupid, but it should work.

You may be accidentally getting a space at the beginning of the IP Address, which would cause that; there is a chance of a space at the end from a copy-past job as well, as well as just an issue with copy-pasting the IP in general.

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You're putting in the IP wrong if it's saying that.

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This forum thread should help answer your question:

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unknown host means: I dont know this server, try other server.

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