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Is it true that you can only have one copy of Minecraft on one PC?

I want to play Minecraft, which my brother is going to buy, but he wont let me. I suggested that i could buy my own version but he said that you can only have 1 copy, even if it is someone elses.
Is it True?

KatamariBoy_101 provided additional details:

Ops. I missed out that at the bit where it says "you can only have 1 copy" i meant per PC.

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AbysmalNight answered:

It's not limited one copy per PC. It's limited to one copy per account. You can play minecraft on any computer, just you can only log into a single account
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kamakazipie answered:

If your brother has it on a computer, and you want to use it... on the same computer... then technically, yes you can have only one. Your brother is just being a poo-head. There's multiple files, like 4 i think.
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The_Pastmaster answered:

If you get your own account then you own a copy but the client is limited to one computer. You have five worlds total. If you use the browser version I think you can have your own saves but I'm not sure
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RDRplayer answered:

Ok here its easy, once you buy minecraft you can use it on ANY PC with and internet connection but you can't play with the samew account at the same time on two computers, but, although you CAN have 2 minecraft clients running it'll be hard to both play on the same PC, let alone co-op on the same pc, even with different accounts
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shadowedjunichi answered:

AbysmalNight has it right, when you open minecraft you see how it says log in? when you log in, if you have your own account you should get all your own data instead of all his data
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