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Ghasts in Beta?

Are ghasts only in the alpha? Because I play the Beta and I have never seen one. Also I heard they are in areas with a lot of lava, but I have seen any areas like that either. Am I supposed to dig really deep, or does it not exist?

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Actually, let me rephrase the question. Are there any enemies other than zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers in the Beta? If so, could someone name them, or just some if there are too many? I just want to know what I am going to be up against since I just started a little while ago.

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KickyFut answered:

Ghasts are actually just in the Netherworld... you need to create a portal to get there. The only other mobs you can find in the normal world, other than the ones you said, are the Slime and the squid. But they don't really count as mobs... as they're not aggressive...
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RDRplayer answered:

another enemy in minecraft is the Slime, it comesin four sizes, smallest-harmless, 2nd smallest-half a heart, 2nd biggest-one heart, biggest-one heart and a half to two hearts. and ghasts are only in the nether, to go to it make a 4x3x4 obsidian frame (corners not obligatory) and light it with flint and steel and stand inside for like 3 secs, the only way for ghasts to appear in the "real" world (as many pepole call it) is to get lucky and a ghast comes out of the portal, look for videos in youtube for ghasts in the world, they are certanly NOT the best friends of wood.
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