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What can snow be used for?Aside snowballs, like turn them into blocks of snow.

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PrattDaBard answered:

Snow (weather-generated) can cover cacti. This could possibly inflict a little damage on an unaware player.
In very specialized cases, snow blocks can be used as a water-gate mechanism. Lava melts nearby snow, and water does not dissolve snow blocks. A triggered lava flow can, thus, melt snow and, in turn, release water. This kind of hack will be strictly obsolete if/when Mojang adds pistons.
Snowballs will shear sheep and push mobs without killing them. This can also be used to get the flying-pig achievement.
Snow blocks are great for Spleef, as they break quite easily.
Snow blocks are good for concealing a vertical-shaft base entrance in tundra/taiga biomes.
It is a white decorative material that doesn't propagate fire like cloth (although it melts).
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Nintendude128 answered:

The only current use for it is turning it into snowballs > snow blocks.
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aron_roxas13 answered:

For now it can only be use for snow block...
but if you want more features for snow you need to use a mod or something like that..
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StolenApples answered:

If you have a saddle, you can throw snowballs at the pig while riding it to go up into the air.
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Link959 answered:

u can throw snowballs, maybe do something in Multiplayer? EX: Snowball fight. Get hit 5 times and ur out! u canalso use it as blocks, but i wouldnt recomend it.
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Dark_One13 answered:

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Hitsuraptor answered:

You can also store snowballs in a dispenser and the dispenser will fire them out
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