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Asked: 3 years ago

Creating a spawn?

In minecraft my house is a ways away from my spawn. can you place a new spawn in single player. if so how?

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I know beds dont change your spawn because ive done that and i am terrible at using mods

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From: Bluedragon094 3 years ago

As of Beta 1.5_01 you have a "hard" spawn point. This is where you initially spawn in the world, and to my knowledge, without modding your game, it's permanent and there's nothing you can do to change it, your compass will always point to it no matter what.

With the inclusion of beds you can now make "soft" spawn points. After making a bed and sleeping in it once, if you should die, you'll spawn by your bed. Should that bed be destroyed or broken down and put in a box or your inventory and you die? You go back to your "hard" spawn point.

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Without the use of a mod, there is no way to move your spawn in a single player game. I would recommend a mod that allows you to do this but I can't remember one.

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Make a bed and sleep in it. That changes your spawn. Or, use MC Edit

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i believe that you can only change your spawn by using MCEdit

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Now , if you didn't know , you can make a bed , that will reset your spawn point to you bed

making a bed

wool, wool , wool ,
plank, plank, plank

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there are verios metheods on changing ur spawn locatio, however these are mainly mods or hacks as some people mention it, as mentioned above mcEdit is a populer way on changing ur spawn location as you can see -exactly- where your dumping the spawn at. there is also another metheod called loleditor, where your able to change the daytime, seed, spawn location (moving to player or vise versa) and modifying your inv. so you have difrent items and also make them last longer :D like a gold pickaxe that never loses a tiny bit of "usage" and the usage bar doesnt eavan show up!

hope this helped you and your problem.

but i never heard of sleeping in a bed mooving your spawn, didnt work for me eaver

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Destroy you house and keep the item ECT and build the exact same house on top of the SPAWN POINT :) hope this helps.

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