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Powered minecarts go uphill?

Does a powered minecart bring you uphill? I want a quick way of getting around my mineshaft(up and down). Any help?

DarkFire12321 provided additional details:

Oh yeah my mine shaft goes down at a 45 degree angle.

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DuneManta answered:

A powered minecart is not powerful enough to push a cart loaded with a player up a 45 degree incline. If you want the minecart to get you uphill you must lessen the slope to about a 1:2 (1 up, 2 over, 1 up, 2 over ect.) or less. Sorry
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DarkFire12321 answered:

Hmm well thats a spot of bother my mineshaft is already built as 45 degrees (1 up 1 over). :/ Well thats a pity
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CaRmAgE answered:

Have you tried a minecart booster?

The first two minutes should cover the type of booster that fits your scenario.
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