Question from tartarsauceman

Classic won't work! Why?!

Whenever i try to play Minecraft Classic, it says it couldn't load the logo and progress bar images. I have java. Why won't the damn thing work?!

tartarsauceman provided additional details:

@zookjohn Do you mean reinstall java? Because I don't DL classic. I just try and fail to play it.

blazing_shield asked for clarification:

Perhaps your browser or installed plug-ins are preventing java from launching/running successfully, what browser are you using?

tartarsauceman provided additional details:

@blazing_shield I'm using Internet Explorer. I don't know how to get other Browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Accepted Answer

Khnum666 answered:

Try and update your java. If it still won't load you should try it in a new browser.
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zookjohn answered:

Try uninstalling it and then install it.
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