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Java RunTime Error?

Every Time i go to Run Minecraft this Happens, I Log On, Black Screen and i get a NotePad on my Desktop saying a Whole bunch of errors but the main problem is Java Runtime?, Please Help?

ShamusIV provided additional details:

I Have tried that At least 30 Times i dont know how much longer i can keep doing this.

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Brutalacerate answered:

The black screen you're experiencing is most likely a mod/s confliction; try a vanilla (clean) .minecraft folder and see if the same issue persists.

If it does, then reinstall Java 32-Bit if you're running a 32 Bit OS or 32-Bit AND 64-Bit Java if you're running a 64-Bit OS.

Feel free to PM me if you need any further help.

Also, check out Java 7 BETA JRE; speeds things up and adds support for multicore processors!
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zookjohn answered:

Uninstall and then install.
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blazing_shield answered:

Copy and paste the java errors and post/create a thread in

They would probably be able to help you a lot better then anyone here, especially if the error is with java
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davinws answered:

U should ask notch
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DoggyTV answered:

You need to refresh your PC that means: re-installing WIndows 7/ Vista / XP / 95

I had the same problem there is no other way mate
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nicknack125 answered:

Do what DoggyTV is reccomending - reinstall the OS you are on, and the problem should be fixed. What I did was wipe the PC clean, and reinstall everything.
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Scisor50 answered:

Honestly I would just post in the official forums.

A completely reinstall of your system does help. But I also find it offensive when they ask me that. Because I have a load of programs I don't want to take a week reinstalling.
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Tunnox answered:

thats a horrible problem, i played minecraft 24/7 for 5 weeks, then suddently i couldnt play some java problem, i went very very sad and didnt play for 6 months, then for some reason i updated java once more and it worked!!! That day i was so happy i couldnt stand still!

So i just reinstalled a later java update.
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VettefanZR1 answered:

Try allocating more memory to your java.

Google it.
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