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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i unlock cheats?


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From: RDRplayer 3 years ago

Cheats DO NOT EXIST, but mods do and DemonicAnahka is wrong by calling those cheats they are PRIVILEGES not cheats, and are only on multiplayer, and you have to be an admin or op, you can get this privileges on single player by the mod "Single player commands"

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Cheats? There are no cheats.

Do you mean mods?

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You cannot cheat, you can download mods to give you special items and/or inventory hacks.

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The cheats are a lie.
If you mean mods, try searching the minecraft forum.

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There are cheats, however they are only available to server owners, or operators/admins on said server. the "Cheats" are console commands accessed by using the chat feature (T)

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Close this...jeeze

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There isint any cheats but if you are on a server you can edit things. similar effect can be gained using a invedit

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