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Dose TNT destroy resources?

i have been farming creepers to make TNT so i can mine easier and get to diamonds and stuff really fast. so i need to know if it will destroy things like coal, iron ore, diamonds, est
can anyone help me out?

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benjaminkc answered:

70% of the blocks destroyed by TNT will drop nothing; only 30% will drop resources.

Also, any items that are hit by TNT are destroyed. That's anything that can be picked up, including the floating sprite version of blocks after they've been dug up or hit by TNT. So if you set up a chain reaction of TNT, the 30% resource that drop in the first explosion will get destroyed by the second explosion.

TNT can still be an efficient way to mine -- if your goal is to get a lot of resources quickly, rather than getting all of the resources in an area. But farming creepers by hand in order to get TNT to mine with is almost certainly slower (if perhaps more entertaining) than simply digging.
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Owner2105 answered:

If I remember correctly, creepers do destroy resources.
I think like TNT, they blow up the area, and destroy around 30% of the blocks.
That's why you can't completely fill a creeper hole using just the materials left.
So be careful, after a few TNT detonations down, you should stop and mine normally, because then you won't destroy too many resources, and might find a cave to search.
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Sky715761 answered:

TNT WILL destroy ALL blocks.
You need to be very careful or you may blow up hidden resources like coal. If you have a mob spawner, fill it with 4 torches and loot the boxes. Fill the cave with TNT and put a redstone dust trail leading out to the surface, make a switch/pressure pad ect. and connect the redstone to the TNT and the switch. BLOW THAT PLACE TO SMITHEREENZ.
You MAY find a vast ammount of helpful resources. One time, I did it and I found 7 blocks of diamond and just 3 blocks under the rubble I found some gold, like, 2 blocks.
It may seem a waste of time, resources, TNT, ect. but your doing your creepers proud =D
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somrandomguy86 answered:

The blocks will destroyed in the blast radius but the blocks from the shock wave will just knock the block off
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