Question from Jacob_power

Asked: 3 years ago


Is he in every ones game? + Old_Peculier.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Are they in multiplayer still?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Can you give me there Server?????

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From: kirby230 3 years ago

Israphel and old peculiar are player controlled characters, and you wont find either of them in your game.

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Nope. They are player controlled characters.

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If you somehow got in a server with those people, sure.

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Israphel and Old Peculier are player controlled people. Which is no, they aren't in everybody's game

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They are just normal users. Close this question

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Israphel and Old_Peculier are characters in the yogscasts minecraft series and they are player controlled characters so no, they are not in everyones server.

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Get it off of one of the episodes, you probably can.

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