Question from Agrajagaz

Why does my lava stop flowing?

When I place my lava source block into my tunnel system, it flows the 3 blocks from the source block/where it falls and falls further on the next block. I enter my mine and it is working perfectly. However, after around 30 seconds, the lava stops going through the tunnel system. I have no idea what is happening. I have googled it but no one seems to have asked about it. Anyone know anything about it?

magic_sword1 asked for clarification:

It's supposed to stop after flowing 3 blocks. What do you mean?

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Bubmeister1 answered:

Obviously, these guys don't know minecraft physics. It keeps going another 3 if it falls down 1+ blocks. The answer to your question is maybe you blocked it?That's all I can think of, or maybe water hit it
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RDRplayer answered:

Lava stops flowing after 3 blocks since it last touched the ground
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Bubmeister1 answered:

Sorry for double post, but find where it stops and maybe it's four blocks.
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