Question from AustinDGibbs

Could someone please give me an ip adress?

In multiplayer so I can build stuff and whatnot with other people,or make friends somehow .

All the reason of my extreme boredom.


oomhans answered:

Try the minecraft forums.
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cyberjacob answered:

you will need to contact your ISP to arrange this.
an extra fee will be payable to them.
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minipower answered:

I know a nice server, this is the IP:
(dont mind about the ni number thing)
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warrawed answered:

i found this cool one i dont remember the first thinGs but but the last
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warrawed answered:

I remamber the first part its mc
ask for sallmay are legendsmom .
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warrawed answered:

Or not are
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warrawed answered:

The full thing is
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Biggoron96 answered:

My friend sometimes runs a server with ip not many people play on it, but you can do what you want.
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Mitzep answered:

Go to Foxtopia! The IP is:
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Brutalacerate answered:

Head to and signup for the Whitelist via their forums; great server, super fast machine, awesome community and no lag! Also, they have their very own RPG plugin.
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Pikminleader answered:

Try Best server I've ever joined.
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go525 answered:

Try i like IT
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SupahGuy answered:

One server I go on now is an awesome one, with creative, survival, a shop, spleef, and a lot more soon:

That is hosted by TinyTimRob.

One that I used to go on was this server:

I quit that server because of reasons I don't remember now.
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