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Does anyone have a good adventure or puzzle map I can play?

I have played a lot of adventure and puzzle maps and I am getting really bored playing on my own. My multiplayer doesn't work and I am now looking for other maps I can play. Does anyone know any good maps?

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F1nz0r answered:

I agree with Bubmeister
also you could look off youtube, Yogscast and Captainsparkles have quite a few vids of adventure maps that you could use as previews (or even walkthroughs :-P)
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Bubmeister1 answered:

survival island, the crevice, four towers, etc. just look around on the forums :P
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Link959 answered:

You can look off youtube, minecraft forums, or download AdventureCraft mod. They have some neat maps too, like Journey to the Aether, or Zelda Adventure.
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ROB123987 answered:

there are a few ones which are really good but you need mods, but here is 1

Extreme Portal Craft - mods required: Audio Mod
Portal Gun mod
Mod Loader
there is a texture pack to make it look like portal but its not needed
It's a remake of portal
I cant remember the websites but you can just google it
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dancnbna answered:

Try playing Vech's Super Hostile series. They're super-hard (yet awesome-looking) levels that are NOT for sissies. There's currently 8 of these maps out, look on the Minecraft forums for it.
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KnightofCaedeus answered:

There is a great map that is little known. Google search "Timescape Trouble in Snarestone" if you find a map made by ihatemimes then you got it! The map is a TON of fun with a solid story, fun puzzles, cool traps and dungeons, and all kinds of great stuff!

Hope this helps!
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99Winters answered:

The Deep Space Turtle Chase is a masterfully created map by CaptainSparklez and the VoxelBox. It is wonderfully created with a fine attention to detail.
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