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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you get the when pigs fly achievement?

How do you ride the pigs off a cliff?

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From: Kadabra025 3 years ago

You have to ride a pig on a saddle of a cliff around 4 blocks or higher, here is an example video with help:

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First, find a saddle. They're only found in dungeons (randomly-generated hidden rooms with monster spawners and goodies). Next, go to something that looks like a cliff, find a pig, and right-click with the saddle to put it on. Then push it off the cliff, get on before it falls off, and there's your achievement.

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1:find a pig and place a saddle on it. Ride hole time
2:create a wall two blocks high (12x4) and dig a hole (min:10 blocks deep) from block 9 to 12.
3:put 4 water source blocks in row 1 so the water stops right before the hole and ride the pig down it.

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lol just jump of a hill with a riding pig :D

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