Question from Prowler14

Asked: 3 years ago

What folder do I put a downloaded map in to use it?

I downloaded this map off of the internet, i have a dell pc with windows xp, any help would be appreciated

Accepted Answer

From: benjaminkc 3 years ago

Start Menu -> Run -> type %appdata% (with the percent signs) and hit enter.
You should see a .minecraft folder in there.
It goes somewhere in there. I forget the exact name of the subdirectory, but it's something fairly obvious like "worlds" or "saves" or somesuch.

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As benjaminkc said, open the Start menu, click Run, then type %appdata% and hit enter.
Open the .minecraft directory, then the saves subdirectory.
Place the map in there.

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easier way,
1. go into minecraft
2. go to mods and texture pack
3. click the button that says "Open texture pack here"
4. go up one folder
5. go into worlds
6. place world in this folder, the level folder should have a folder and 3 level.dat files
7. ???
8. Profit

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