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Can Monsters respawn in flying object?

If you build something that's not connected to the ground but there are no lights, can monsters respawn?

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MarioMan12598 answered:

Yes they can spawn on mid-air grounds, but make sure that there's enough room for enemies to spawn. Enemies like spiders are either 2-3 wide, so 1 block is not enough. a whole floor in the air would be best for enemies to spawn.
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xana117 answered:

I guess they Can't, If it's a 1x1 Spot, It can't, But if it's a House, i Suppose they Can
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magic_sword1 answered:

It would have to be a large enough area, but yes.
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Sharka777 answered:

Yes. They will spawn in it even though it's not on the ground, but you have to be far enough away from it and they have to have a big egough space.
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hrdtimefinding1 answered:

yes they can but like we all said, it has to be enough space for monsters to spawn and it has to be dark. Or you can use invedit and place a monster spawner in that area.
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