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Infertile Soil, but why?

For some reason, the dirt I'm using does not grow grass. Why? Please post all the things that may cause this.
I already know that grass wont grow if there's a block over the dirt block, or the dirt block is shadowed.
Does prolonged storing of dirt (in chests), or high altitudes perhaps have something to do with this?

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hrdtimefinding1 answered:

in order for a dirt block to turn into a grass block, you have to place it somewhere close to another grass block. The block must not be separated in an enclosed room. If you're trying to place it in a room, make sure there is another grass block in the room. You can always use bonemeal or Invedit.

As far as I know, prolonged storing of dirt in chest, or high altitudes does not disable a dirt block from turning into a grass block.
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Bubmeister1 answered:

Use a hoe first, to make it more fertile put it within 5 squares of water, after that don't step on it.
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DuneManta answered:

If the grass is underground, it is a difficult process to grow it. But if it's on the surface, it could be too dark. A solution is to use bonemeal with the dirt to cause the grass to grow and make the surrounding land grow as well.
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RDRplayer answered:

The dirt does not grow grass on its own grass spreads through dirt blocks with enough light for example grass will expand from a dirt block to another one next to it or 1 or 2 blocks higher than it
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nintendosonymic answered:

the dirt only grows grass if you put water on the grass and hoe the dirt FIRST.
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