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Asked: 3 years ago

What will the full version of mindcraft be like?

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From: Bubmeister1 3 years ago

first it's minecraft, but that's just me being ocd. It's supposed to have dragons when it's finished, it will also have a lower crash rate, meaning it won't crash as much.

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Do you mean the full game release? Or just the current beta version?

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Nobody can really say; I doubt even Notch knows all of the things Minecraft will have.

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The whole game will not be known until it comes out - nobody really knows when I'm telling you this, but when it does come out, I'm pretty sure it's going to to be cool. If you go to, you can see some things that are planned. The actually has some pretty useful facts on it - it's where I learned most of knowledge about Minecraft (crafting, mobs, and CREEPERS!)

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The full release of the game will be on 11/11/11 (or possibly 11/18, Notch isn't sure yet). It will pretty much be the same game, except with whatever new features that get released between now and then. Notch has also stated that Mojang will continue to release updates and new content even after the game has been released. Like Bubmeister said, there are some planned additions, like Dragons and Goblin villages, but for the most part, Mojang just makes up the new content as they go along.

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