Question from Naruto_Joe

Asked: 3 years ago

Can't use texture pack 32x32 and higher?

I've been trying to use a texture pack, and I found a perfect one for my game. It's 64x64, but I don't know why, my Minecraft can't handle texture packs more than 16x16. It will either lag very badly or crash and I can't play until I deleted the texture pack file. I've been using the Minecraft patcher so that my minecraft can support it, but it still lags very badly. Oh, and my laptop is not that full of games, so I don't know why it lags.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Downloaded the better version and it works! Thanks!

Accepted Answer

From: MC_BatCommander 3 years ago

Make sure you're using the most recent patcher, as the old one has problems. You can find it on the official forums, the link is too long for the crummy Answers section to accept.

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