Question from Scribblenaut85

Minecraft 1.7.3 blackscreen?

It goes Loading,Saving chunks then either keeps saving or blackscreen!?!?!


Sorin019 answered:

delete the BIN folder located in the .minecraft folder within you appdata folder, restart minecraft, update it all over again and then it should be fixed.
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somrandomguy86 answered:

Download the update again, you can do this by forcing it to update
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Brutalacerate answered:

Most likely mod/s conflicting; try a vanilla (clean) .minecraft folder and/or reinstall Java 32-Bit for 32-Bit OS or 32-Bit AND 64-Bit Java for a 64-Bit OS.
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youbooyouboo answered:

There is the update now, so you can get to that.
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VettefanZR1 answered:

If you have tried to install mods, you must be in the downloaded version and you must delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar
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TheUltimateM4 answered:

Are you using mods? If so, this could be due to the following reasons:
1. You forgot to delete META-INF located in the Minecraft.jar
2. You are missing some mods required to run the mod or the mods you are using might be interfering with each other.
To fix this, open the Minecraft launcher, click 'Options', then click 'Force Update'. Next click 'Done' then log in.
Wait about 5-8 seconds, then Minecraft should go to the title screen like it normally would.
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check your mods. DELETE META-INF.
IF not
- force update.
- delete your mods folder.
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