Question from warrawed

Asked: 3 years ago

whats this green stufF?

I was digging and was close to bedrock and this green stuff fell from the roof every time i broke a block and i looked up and nothing was there.

Additional details - 3 years ago

i dont know about the spat Noise but there was no mossy cobble stone it was like green peices of stuff almost see through.

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From: DethFade 3 years ago

While there is a chance that it could be a slime, I think this user may have fallen victim to a graphics glitch. If you are using a texture pack, switch to default, and see if it persists. If you are on default, however, it may have been a graphics glitch where the particles that fly off of a block while it is breaking were turning a shade of green and or purple...I saw screenshots of both on the forums

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The only thing I can think of would be slime particles... was there a "splat" noise coming from above you?

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Did it look like Cobblestone with overgrowth in it? If so, that's Moss Stone. That usually means there's a cave nearby. If it was a Slimy Green, then that means it's a Slight chance it could be a Slime. I don't know.

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Do you use any texture pack? If you do, then maybe it's something that's changed by the texture pack.

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I'm pretty sure it's a slime because they jump around making 'Splat' noises. They spawn only up to 15 blocks higher than bedrock, which explains that you ARE close to bedrock.

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You might've found a Slime mobspawner. I havent seen one yet but if you found one you're in luck, since slimes are rare and it's the only thing that drops slime for sticky pistons (unmodded).

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I agree.I may not play Minecraft but I know enough to know that it is probably a slime.

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I have been thinking of this qustion and it came to mind that the odds are leading to a glitch in the graphics, I have came to this conclustion because I have never seen any other reports on "Slime" coming from the celing of a cave or hole and it is nearly imposable to tell if it is anything more because everyones world is diffrent.

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