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hoW far?(2 questions)

if i hear dungeon noises how far should i dig aNd what do dungeons sound like.

warrawed provided additional details:

ok so the music dose not matteR?

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benjaminkc answered:

Right, the music is random, it doesn't have anything to do with what's near you.

The creepy ambient sounds indicate that there is a dark area nearby, but that could be a dungeon, a cave, or even house you built but didn't light.

The telltale sound of a dungeon is lots of monster noise of the same type -- zombie groans, spider hisses, or skeleton clattering. Those are the only 3 monsters that spawn from dungeon spawners in the unmodded game (with zombie dungeons being twice as likely).
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solidlink123 answered:

I don't know how far to dig, but the noises sound like a zombie or some monster.
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