Question from warrawed

can i make A saddle ?

i have alot of leather and iron so can I.

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Marbiaach answered:

It is impossible to craft saddles. You can find them in dungeons.They can spawn ANYWHERE not just caves..Dungeons are those rooms with mossy cobblestone,0 to 2 chests,and a Monster spawner which looks like a cage with a mini version of the monster it is going to spawn.
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MrLegoMan30 answered:

No, you cannot craft saddles. However, you CAN find them at random in dungeons, which are in caves. You'll know you're at a dungeon when you see cobblestone with overgrowth in it, two chests, and a monster with a cage in it.
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Msvman123 answered:

Nope you can find it in dungeons and be careful about the monster spawner and hopefully notch will enable us to craft saddles with leather and iron.
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