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How can I mod a server?

I'd like to have Paintball 1.7.3 on my server. Is there any way to do this?

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CaptainCilver answered:

You can't use traditional mods on a server, only ones structured for SMP support (I.E. plugins)
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0o_ZeroWing_o0 answered:

The paintball mod is compatible with SMP, (not bukkit servers i think)
there is a tutorial there under the one for the client mod.
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GirlWhoGames answered:

Well, in order to mod in general, you need to probably get a WINRAR Zip file reader. You can get free trials online. But, you also are going to need to learn your way around the .minecraft and roaming folders.

If you open your start menu, and type into the search "%appdata%, you can reach the roaming folder. And from there, you would unload the files from the Mod. ZIP. file into there. It's pretty self explanatory. Though, if you do need more help, you can defiantly message me on here. I've helped people before!
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