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Crash problem?

I did few steps for mod installing yesterday frm a vid on youtube. after i finished, i logged in to my minecraft username and a d screen goes black

Its working fine when i open it, it only crashes when i log in

Syllabus247 provided additional details:

I did. And i tried to find %appdata% .minecraft file, its not there either(i didnt delete it n im sure i didnt accidentally delete it).

Syllabus247 provided additional details:

Sm1 please help, I dunno wht to do :(

Syllabus247 provided additional details:

This time i open it it doesnt let me log in either, it says,
"Could not find the main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame. Program will exit.".

Syllabus247 provided additional details:

Couldnt find minecraft.jar file either. it was supposed to be in %appdata%, bin, .minecraft file right?, couldnt find that either(im sure i didnt delete anything other than META-INF), but if i accidentally delete it, how do i recover it?

Sorry if this is such an annoying problem :(

Syllabus247 provided additional details:

Lemme just summarize it.
When i try to log in, it crashes black but occasionally it says, "Could not find the main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame. Program will exit.".

If i force update and enter it says, "Fatal error occured (4):

I didnt delete anything else other than META-inf but i cant find %appdata%, bin, .minecraft. If i did accidentally delte it how do i recover it?

Accepted Answer

GAMEFRAK100 answered:

First of all, if you get "Could not find the main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame. Program will exit.", ignore it and try again. I get this error occasionally as well and i find that if you keep trying it works after about 1-6 more tries. And you should try to just re-install minecraft 100%. Delete anything you can find that has to do with minecraft and try to re-install. The mod could have also had some sort of virus in it that crashed the minecraft folder, if you have an anti-virus software try checking any history it has to see if it found anything and if not see if you can get it to search your app data folder for virusus or hidden folders.
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ROB123987 answered:

Did you delete META-INF?
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Naruto_Joe answered:

It's either that when you installed the mod, you didn't download the meta-inf. Deleting META-INF is a must if you want to use mods, or the game will crash. Or if you already deleted Meta-Inf, try deleting the minecraft.jar file. Then, play minecraft, and force update it.
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