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cAn mobs?

Can mobs spawn in a cactis forest

flyboy10000 asked for clarification:

Well what kinds of mobs? Like creepers and stuff like that, or cows and passives?

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Acepilot666 answered:

Yes if its dark enough.
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Sorin019 answered:

Mobs spawn in dark areas no matter the terrain i've never seen a mob spawn in a cactus forest or a cacti farm but it is possible if dark enough... as in no light just pure natural darkness like you find in a cave or at night.
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funguy246 answered:

If it is dark enough enemy mobs will spawn. But I am going to go out on a limb and say that not many will make it out considering they will take damage every time they come into contact with a cactus.
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TStodden answered:

The passive mobs like Cows & sheep won't because they only spawn in grasslands...

The more hostile mobs (like zombies & creepers) will when it gets dark enough... but due to the hazardous nature of the cactus, it's unlikely that many will live long trying in an attempt to get out.
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