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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i make it 3rd person on a mac?

I have a mac and if i press f3 it does something different.

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isnt is sup[posed to be f5 for 3rd person veiw in minecraft not F3

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F5 is 3rd person, F3 lets you see your FPS and other various things.

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F5 toggles between 1st & 3rd Person perspective...

F3 toggles the technical details (framerate, position, ect.)

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Press FN (bottom left key) and F5. It will put you in 3rd person. Also, FN F3 will display your co-ordinates and show numbers above mobs heads. Great for finding caverns :)

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Jesus crist i did not that mac sucked this bad just sell it and get a pc.

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Fn + F5

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Connect another keyboard with F5 and use it
the F3 its for developers and "technic survival"

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