Question from YYK555

Why does the game keep telling me "Too many failed logins?"

I downloaded the beta and my friend told me I don't need an account to login. But when I press login they just keep say too many failed login.

YYK555 provided additional details:

But it is a beta.

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Bearmen answered:

his friend is RIGHT! when you click login with nothing in the login details, it will say "Too many failed login attempts". To play offline, like this, you must already have the minecraft that allow it to run. Notch was smart when he did that. You must have the drivers which are automatically downloaded when you play online.
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magic_sword1 answered:

You need an account, just spend the 25-ish dollars if you want Minecraft that badly.
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benjaminkc answered:

Your friend is wrong.
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magic_sword1 answered:

Creative mode is free, but otherwise reference my previous post.
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DL_C answered:

As Magic_Sword1 said, the creative mode is free. Right now, the game is 15 Euros (Conversion to USD varies), as it is in Beta. It'll be 20 Euros come 11/11/11 when it goes full live.
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