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Asked: 3 years ago

Since my minecraft is a cracked version, mods wont work for it?


Additional details - 3 years ago

I didnt do it i had my brother do it since i get confused with all the winrar and stuff. but he said he followed every step.

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From: laijka 3 years ago

They work. But I highly suggest you buy the game. It's worth the low price.

However it's hard to give you any further details on what could be the issue without knowing what mod/s it is you tried to install.

You don't even tell us if it's a blackscreen or if the mod items just isn't there. It could easily be a ID conflict or it could be that you didn't install it correctly or missed a requirement.

Try going to the official minecraft forum and find the mod/s threads there. It's the best place for getting help. Tip: Don't say it's a cracked version though. You will be flamed.

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I think they'll work, I've only played a cracked version for a few hours (after which I bought the game, like two years ago) but I've never tried mods. I'm sure they'll work.

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Thinking about it, I can't think of a reason they wouldn't.

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It should work, are you sure you did everything correctly?

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What mod specifically did you download? If it was the Zombe mod pack, then you have to activate everything individually.

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Oh yea, it was a black screen when i tried to start up minecraft

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are you sure that you did not force update the minecraft? if you did not, go on minecraft, above login there will be a Options. click on it an click force update.


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First you will need to FORCE UPDATE your minecraft then goto for the mods BUT you must know your minecraft version located at the homescreen at the bottom left

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Use the exe version of th download dont forget that! or you'll get confused with the winrar and stuffs again! using the exe version will automatically pack and pack the mod! (some mods might not be compatible and might cause minecraft messed up)

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Yea mods works perfectly fine. I played on cracked today with 7 mods loading and forge so yes mods definitely work if you install them correctly

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