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What other "machines/autofarms" are there?

I have a auto cactus farm auto shugur cane farm and a auto weat farm and a auto coblestone generator is their anything elss I am missing I am making a giant cave so I can live only underground if their is others can you give me a idea on how to make them egx auto treefarm

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Thanks i have 10 units of those now. Any more?


magic_sword1 answered:

There's a way to make a semi-auto mushroom farm, here's a link to a video:
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CaptainLawless answered:

There's a machine for a self-building/repairing house, but as far as farms, I've only heard of a mobspawner farm that carried the mobs' drops down a waterfall to some pool. Dont know how it killed them though, but if you want to see the self-building machine, there's a full tutorial on youtube.
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Harvey7x12z answered:

A self harvesting cactus farm.
Plant a cactus and put a block on the top left of where to cactus will grow to put torches on the block and it will harvest its self.
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n1ck3y answered:

You can also make an obsidian generator. For this, you will need n buckets of lava, n buckets of water and n pistons (with n being a positive integer of your choice) and also a switch and some redstone. The idea, here, is to exploit a bug where if lava flows on a powered block, its flow is recalculated so, if lava flows on powered redstone dust and water is flowing nearby, you get obsidian. Don't forget to cut the flow before mining the obsidian or lava will likely flow on you.
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