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How much does Beta 1.7 cost, and how much Computer data does it use?

I keep trying to find the cost of Minecraft, and some people say it's like $12. Others say it's like $20. What I'd like to know is how much the game costs exactly. Also, how much Computer data it uses. I have 40.5 Gigabytes of data, and I wanna find out how much of that 40.5 Minecraft will use.


benjaminkc answered:

The price for Minecraft is in Euros. During beta, the price is 14.95, as you can see on the official site:

The exchange rates vary a bit from day to day, but you can simply ask google "14.95 in usd" to get the current answer. As I write this, it comes out to $21.28.

As for size, tiny. On the machine I'm posting from, the minecraft install takes up ~44MB, or about 0.043 gigabytes.
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Marbiaach answered:

You can check for the price. Its about 15 Euros and 20 dollars. The maximum size minecraft can take is 1GB,because it runs on java,but I doubt you will make it to 1GB because that takes an insane amount of loading.
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raroo77 answered:

The price is in euros. its 14.95 euros as the above have said. as for data it can run up to 2 gigs of ram..i think that may be what you mean from the question of data...but it as well confuses me because you say you have 40.5 gigs of data...
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